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CLD1AC small area and counter loop driver

The Ampetronic CLD1AC is designed for the same applications and to the same specifications as the CLD1, however the CLD1AC is fitted with an internal power supply for standalone applications.

The CLD1AC Compact Loop Driver is designed for counter systems and small area perimeter loop systems. Measuring only 180 x 74 x 35mm and with an output current of 2.4A RMS, the CLD1AC is the smallest and highest performance amplifier in it’s class. Designed and built to Ampetronic’s high standards of reliability, backed with a 5 year warranty and Ampetronic support, the CLD1 offers certainty of performance and the lowest lifetime cost available.

Audio quality is ensured with metal loss correction (MLC) combined with Ampetronic’s usual high standards of design. The CLD1 is designed for flexibility and convenience, featuring 2 separate microphone inputs with independent level controls, one of which can be configured as a line input.

All cable connections are made on a single face of the unit, adding flexibility and further simplifying installation.

Applications include

  • Ticket and service counters
  • Retail counters
  • Information kiosks
  • Reception desks
  • Interview rooms
  • Small meeting rooms
  • Taxis and private cars

Kit Forms

The CLD1AC compact loop driver can be ordered as a stand alone loop driver or as part of a kit for a specific application.
Counter loop kits comprise 1 x CLD1AC, 1 x pre-formed loop, 1 x microphone (choice), 1 x loop present sign, 1 x installation guide and 1 x power supply (region specific).

Kit codeContents
ACCLD001UKCBCLD1-AC Induction Loop Driver UK Cordset with Boundary Mic + Loop Coil
ACCLD001UKCDCLD1-AC Induction Loop Driver UK Cordset with Desktop Mic + Loop Coil
ACCLD001UKCTCLD1-AC Induction Loop Driver UK Cordset with Tie-clip Mic + Loop Coil
ACCLD001UKCXCLD1-AC Induction Loop Driver UK Cordset no Mic, with Loop Coil
ACCLD001UKXXCLD1-AC Induction Loop Driver UK Cordset, no Mic, no Loop Coil
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
    • Low lifetime cost
    • 5 Year warranty
    • Very compact
    • Choice of microphone and pre-formed loop in counter kit
    • 2 independent inputs featuring 1 mic input and 1 switchable mic/line input
    • Metal loss compensation
    • All connections to a single face for installation convenience
    • Integral power supply
    • Free technical support
  • Counter Loops

    When supplied as a counter loop kit, the CLD1AC comes with choice of microphone, a multi-turn preformed loop, power supply and simple installation instructions. The loop should be mounted vertically in accordance with the installation instructions. Other installation methods are also available.

    The CLD1AC in this application will project a field to the requirements of IEC60118-4 approximately 1m from the preformed loop.

    Perimeter Loops – Area Coverage (maximum)

    The CLD1AC is designed for small perimeter loop applications in rooms or in vehicles. Coverage with a single turn loop:

    Room aspect ratio:                         1:1      2:1       3:1
    Maximum area coverage m2:       20      30        35

    • The CLD1 is DC powered making it ideal for use in small vehicles such as taxis, private cars and small boats. We recommend a multi-turn loop in the headlining of the vehicle cabin – contact Ampetronic for an application guide.The loop is 1-2m above or below the receiver height
    • There are no metal structures in the plane of the loop
    • There is sufficient voltage to drive the cable length – check table below.

    Maximum Cable Length

    With maximum current output the CLD1AC can drive:

    • Loops with DC resistance from 0.3 to 1.0Ω
    • Impedance up to a maximum of 1.3Ω

    When operating below maximum output, the CLD1AC can drive longer cable lengths – contact Ampetronic for more details.

    Maximum cable length is dependent on cable type and on the application.

    Cable typeMaximum Cable Length (m)
    0.75mm2 copper44
    1.0mm2 copper57
    1.5mm2 copper71
    1.8mm2 flat coppertape 101m

    CLD1 Specifications


    PowerAll integral 100-240v AC 18W max.
    Regional plug also available.
    Green LED Power indicator
    Input 1Microphone input
    Suitable for unbalanced electret microphone
    3.5mm mono jack socket
    Input impedance 8kΩ.
    6v bias via 10kΩ source
    Sensitivity -60 dBu for max output
    Overload level -14 dBu.
    Recessed control on front panel
    Input 2Switchable line / microphone
    Recessed switch on connector panel
    Microphone as for input 1
    Line input:
    Input impedance 820kΩ
    Sensitivity -20dBu for max output
    Overload: >+20dBu


    Drive voltage>3.2Vrms >4.5Vpk at maximum output current
    Drive current2.4Arms 3.4Apk continuous 1kHz sine wave
    Short term peak >4.8Apk
    LED indicator on front panel
    Loop resistance0.3Ω to 1.0Ω resistive or
    Loop connectorVibration proof clamps, accept 0.5 to 1.3mm2



    Idle1/6 peak Output Current (Speech)1/3 peak Output Current (Pink noise)Full Power
    Driver ChannelsCurrent (ARMS)Load Resistance (Ohms)AC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTU



    Frequency response80Hz to 6.3kHz ±1.5dB
    Automatic gain controlAGC optimised for speech
    Dynamic range >36dB
    Green LED indicator on front panel
    Metal loss correction0 to 4.5dB/octave
    Recessed control on front panel


    CoolingNatural convection
    Dimensions180mm, 74mm, 35mm
    EnvironmentIP20 : 20 to 90% relative humidity, -20ºC to 50ºC
    MountingHorizontal or vertical panel or wall mount, with 2 screw fixings

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