Location: London, United Kingdom

As the renowned venue historically known for hosting the world’s premier tennis tournament, The Championships, the mere mention of the name Wimbledon provokes an influx of passion and excitement dominating the sporting headlines for two weeks in June and July.  Outside The Championships’ fortnight, however, a much larger infrastructure supports many activities throughout the year including such utilities as restaurants, bars and private functions. It is in all of these areas including that of the Centre Court PA rooms that our induction loop equipment has been installed.

RG Jones Sound Engineering Ltd are the company responsible for the design and installation of the induction loop systems and they encountered some interesting problems.

Jon from RG explains, “We had to use phased array floor mounted loops so that we could control not just the horizontal spill, but the vertical spill as well.” He goes on to say “As the amplifiers are housed remotely from the loops, we’ve had to install them all with feed cables using Star Quad cable because of the length of the run. In some cases, we have 120m long cable, but it works very well and there is no cross talk at all. Additionally, everything is backed up by a UPS, so if it the power fails, then it will carry on going with the rest of the PA system.”

Everybody involved in the project is very happy with the use of Ampetronic induction loop equipment and the resulting induction loop, Jon even concludes with “The system works well and everyone involved is very pleased with it.”   Equipment used:

• 6 x ILD1000G Phased Array Kits
• 5  ILD500 Phased Array Kits

Image credits – Matthias Hangst / AELTC date: 25/06/2012