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Firmware updates

Find all current and past/superseded Ampetronic driver firmware updates here.

Legacy product information

Find any handbook or datasheet for older products no longer in production.

Expert update

View the latest industry articles, news and opinion from hearing loop and assistive listening experts.

Test signals

Download and use the test signals within to help ensure your loop systems meet performance standards.

Test loop calculator

This tool allows you to calculate the losses caused by metal, from your site measurements.

Consultant and Architect resources

Click here for easy and direct access to information most commonly requested by Consultants and Architects.

Wire gauge resistance calculator

Use this tool to calculate the expected resistance of your loop circuits based on the length and type of wire installed.

Loop design and specification

Driver current calculator

This tool allows you to work out the output current setting needed on your Ampetronic loop driver to achieve a specific RMS current in the loop.

HLAA Hearing Loop Toolkit

The Hearing Loss Association of America have made available their superb range of tools for advocating assistive listening and hearing loops in the community. Find out more.

Declaration of Conformity

Download the latest DoC documents associated with Ampetronic products.

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