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Providing a genuine benefit

Ampetronic are world leaders in design and manufacture of hearing loop systems. Hearing loops help those with hearing loss, increasing the clarity of amplified sound, by working in conjunction with a person’s own hearing aid.

How do hearing loops work?

A hearing loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise. See a video below or browse our information centre for more information.

Loopworks™ suite of tools

Ampetronic™ Loopworks™ suite of tools includes a powerful Design Tool, Measurement App, comprehensive training materials and direct access to our friendly and knowledgeable support team.

Life changing quality

Ampetronic are world leaders in the design and manufacture of audio induction loop systems, also known as hearing loop systems or T loops, an established technology that helps with hearing loss to increase the clarity of amplified sound in any busy environment by working in conjunction with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Our products are designed and built to the highest standards to provide complete peace of mind and the lowest cost of ownership of any assistive listening technology. All Ampetronic drivers come with a 5 year warranty as standard and comprehensive free advice and post sales support from our experienced team of design engineers. When hearing aid users experience the quality and performance of an Ampetronic system, the difference in sound quality can change their lives. All Ampetronic solutions are developed to provide a genuine benefit to those who experience hearing loss.

How hearing loops work

Video illustration of how hearing loops work in practice Play Video

Video illustration of how hearing loops work in practice

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