Assistive listening devices and supporting technology

Ampetronic, in conjunction with Listen Technologies, provides additional assistive listening solutions including Infrared, WiFi and Two-way communication systems that support people who experience hearing loss.

Ampetronic are proud to be the strategic partner for Listen Technologies and distributor of assistive listening systems in the UK.

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Assistive listening

Infrared (IR)

Infrared systems are a great alternative assistive listening solution when circumstances prevent hearing loops being installed. In many cases hearing loops and infrared systems can work together to provide full coverage for a venue.
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Audio-over-WiFi enables wireless audio transmission via a WiFi network, allowing the user’s own device (smartphone or tablet) to act as the receiver. Suitable for a wide range of pro-audio applications where bring-your-own-device audio transmission is required, including assistive listening.
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Two-Way Communication Systems



ListenTALK enables group communication with amazing sound quality in any facility – indoors or outdoors.
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