Vehicle hearing loops

There is a growing requirement for assistive listening solutions and hearing loops for vehicles on-board public transport. Passenger/Driver communication via an intercom is now commonplace in taxis as safety screens become popular and emergency announcements and service broadcasts on tram, bus and train public address (PA) systems are now part of everyday life.

Hearing impaired users of public transport benefit from hearing loop systems on public transport as background noise levels are particularly high. For example, a direct connection between a user’s hearing aid and a train Public Address system is invaluable when assessing what the next stop is on an unfamiliar route.

Due to their direct connection to the user’s hearing aid(s), Hearing loops for vehicles are the only ‘Assistive Listening’ technology suitable for use on public passenger transport. This is because the users of the service may only be on board for short periods and have no direct access to staff, providing no opportunity to distribute receivers.

Build quality is of paramount importance in vehicle applications due to the inherent vibration and temperature changes that any integrated system will be subjected to. Ampetronic have established products designed especially to overcome these issues and have a proven track record with established manufacturers such as Nissan, Hyundai Rotem, and Ansaldo.

Ampetronic products are used in a range of passenger vehicle hearing loop applications around the world including:


As most vehicle applications require high standards of safety and EMC compliance. Ampetronic can offer specific advice about your application – please contact us or call us on +44 (0) 1636 610062

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