Loopworks Design and specification tools

Design, quote and deliver first-class loop systems with FREE online access to Ampetronic’s expertise and the world's only complete loop measurement and design tools. Add value with Loopworks™ Design.


  • Design Ampetronic™ quality hearing loops in minutes, without charge
  • Access Ampetronic™ expertise and support whenever and wherever you need it
  • Simplify quotation, specification and installation
  • Access projects and data remotely, anytime, anywhere

Design loops to Standard

Ampetronic Loop systems help to safeguard the rights of people who experience hearing loss (disability access) and, if installed correctly, consistently meet or exceed the performance standards set out by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). In particular IEC 60118-4, IEC 62489-1 and Australia: AS 601118.4, AS 1428.5). Loopworks Design tool helps you to ensure that system and performance Standards are met.

View design types

Understanding what installing a designed system would entail can be difficult to envisage. Loopworks shows indicative loop layouts, enabling you to estimate time and cost before finalising your plans. Loopworks Design will save you time and money on developing designs and allowing you to offer full project estimates sooner.

Automatic hardware selection

With an almost infinite number of spaces and unique hearing loop systems, Loopworks will help you identify and specify the right equipment needed for each loop system defined. Speed up your quotation process and accurately estimate costs with Loopworks Design.

Directly access Ampetronic support

There are a huge number of variables that can affect the function of a hearing loop system. Technically complex, hearing loop design requires a significant level of expertise. Ampetronic is unique in the quality and experience of our support teams. Gain direct access to over 100 years of combined hearing loop experience through Loopworks.

Utilise Ampetronic design approval service

To add value to your design, or if there is an aspect of it you are unsure of, make use of Ampetronic Loopworks approval service. A highly qualified and experienced engineer will check your designs against requirements and standards, suggest alternatives where appropriate and sign off on correct designs - demonstrating to your customer that you have our full support.

Produce comprehensive drawings and specifications

Loopworks Design will enable you to publish your design drawings and specifications in a full report including:

    • System Design and Specification Summary
    • System Performance - Field Strength
    • System Performance - Overspill
    • Loop(s) Installation Arrangement
    • Plan View Installation Reference
    • Installation Drawing: Loop Array 1
    • Installation Drawing: Loop Array 2
    • Electrical Connections
    • Export Loop designs in DXF format

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