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Security glass and acoustic barriers present a challenge to facilities and customers when trying to communicate. Speech transfer system for counters, service points and intercoms are now commonplace in everyday life, enabling individuals to communicate with staff clearly. These systems consist of a microphone and a speaker at the staff position and an equivalent on the client side, enabling staff and clients to communicate clearly.

For those using a hearing aid, communicating with staff, is facilitated through an induction loop function within the unit. Using the built in telecoil in their hearing aid, clients can directly couple to the magnetic field produced by the loop, removing any acoustic distortion which may affect intelligibility from the audio.

This facility allows hearing aid users to discreetly link to the intercom or help point without the need for additional equipment. This represents a significant benefit in busy or noisy environments, where users may find it difficult to overcome acoustical issues, such as reverberation, high levels of background noise or may find it difficult to understand someone who is speaking to them through a speaker.

The application of speech transfer systems with loop functions can benefit various points of service, such as banks, post offices, airports, train stations, and other publicly accessible spaces.

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