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The C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark a substantial development in assistive listening technology; offering:

  • Performance, consistency and certainty of results, from affordable entry level units to flagship, market leading power systems
  • A simple digital interface for accurate setup and adjustment
  • Peace of mind that the system is working through multiple monitoring options
  • Dante option on all models for simple integration to existing systems
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • 5 year guarantee

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C Series hearing loop drivers for any and every one of your spaces.

Perimeter loop drivers

C5-1 – 5ARMS output, single channel, 20VRMS
C7-1 – 7ARMS output, single channel, 20VRMS
C10-1 – 10ARMS output, single channel, 33.9VRMS

MultiLoop drivers

C5-2 – 5ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C7-2 – 7ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C10-2 – 10ARMS output, two channels, 33.9VRMS
C14-2 – 14ARMS output, two channels, 48.1VRMS


Expanding on the success of the C5 and C7 drivers, Ampetronic have extended the C Series range of hearing loop drivers to include the C10-1, C10-2 and C14-2 models. All C Series models including, the C5 and C7 drivers, now have Dante as an option. With the addition of the new C10 and C14 models the C Series offers performance, consistency and certainty of results you can rely on across a full range of hearing loop drivers. Known for their simple interface, connectivity, ease of installation and powerful monitoring and maintenance tools, the C Series can now meet any hearing loop requirement. The new C14-2, our new flagship driver, is particularly impressive with a massive 14ARMS / 48VRMS making it the most powerful hearing loop driver on the market today. The higher voltage that the C14-2 offers enables you to drive bigger systems than ever, allowing a single amplifier to be used in large areas that would previously have needed two.

All C Series models are available to specify in Loopworks Design tool now. 


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