Loss control systems

Metal used in the construction of modern buildings can attenuate the signal produced by a hearing loop system which can lead to poor performance. (find out more here). To combat the effects of metal loss Ampetronic pioneered MultiLoop phased array hearing loop metal loss control system.

The drivers listed below can be used in this configuration.

The C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark a substantial development in assistive listening technology. C Series units feature digital signal processing and networking functionality, and enable fast, accurate setup and adjustment via a very simple and easy to use user interface.

MultiLoop drivers
C5-2 – 5ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C7-2 – 7ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C10-2 – 10ARMS output, two channels, 33.9VRMS
C14-2 – 14ARMS output, two channels, 48.1VRMS

A low loss array requires an installation design which can be produced by either yourself through Loopworks, or by Ampetronic. If you produce your own hearing loop metal loss control system designs, Ampetronic engineers will be happy to check your designs for peace of mind.

MultiLoop  systems can also be used to control spill. See Loop Spill for more details.

Using the HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Kit, to deliver a preset output level to give consistent test results,  combined with the Loopworks Measure R1 or Ampetronic FSM, provides an ideal aid to quick and simple site assessments.

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