Loopworks Learn knowledge base

  • Gain access to the Ampetronic™ knowledge base
  • Develop your skills with comprehensive training materials
  • Learn in your own way, at your own pace

Obtain the latest information, developments, training and support from the world’s most credible sources with Loopworks™ Learn.

Learning is core to the Loopworks™ experience. Users can access a repository of learning resources including training materials, courses and webinars plus the Ampetronic advanced knowledge base, built up over our 30 years of market leadership in the design of hearing loop systems.

Loopworks™ Learn enables you to…

  • View the Ampetronic™ advanced knowledge base
  • Access training materials, courses and webinars
  • Retrieve product specifications, data sheets and white-papers
  • Listen to audio and view video with country specific content
  • Unlock advanced tools via training

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