Loop receivers

Hearing loop receiversHearing loop receivers emulate the T coil in a hearing aid. This allows non hearing aid users to hear the benefit of a telecoil enabled hearing aid and also test the loop itself using a standard pair of headphones.

Select from the hearing loop receivers below:

  • ILR3 Audio loop receiver
    The ILR3 is a high quality audio induction loop receiver which allows the user to listen to an audio frequency induction loop system using a standard pair of stereo headphones (supplied). It has a vertically mounted pick up coil and a low cut filter function to emulate the performance of a hearing aid switched to the T position. It is therefore an essential tool for anyone installing maintaining or managing facilities fitted with induction loops providing them with immediate confirmation that the loop is running. The ILR3+ also has LED indications to show field strength, for more accurate monitoring of a loop system. (To measure the performance of an induction loop system, Ampetronic’s calibrated receiver CMR3 must be used). In addition, the ILR3 or ILR3+ can be used by anyone without a hearing aid who needs a little extra assistance to hear.
  • ILR3+ hearing loop tester / receiver
    The Ampetronic ILR3+ is designed to perform the same induction receiver function as the ILR3 whilst also providing the added capability to check that the induction loop is functioning correctly. When an induction loop is installed the venue manager or staff should always be supplied with at least one instrument that allows them to regularly monitor the system performance. The IR3+ performs this task without the added cost and complexity of a Field Strength Meter. It is simple and highly cost effective, and meets the requirements of the international loop performance Standard, IEC60118-4. No technical skills are required to perform the basic checks, which allow an operator to listen to the system through headphones, and check that the sound level provided by the loop is sufficient. The loop checking system comes with an easy to follow procedure for checking any loop system.

In addition to assistive listening the receivers can also be used for maintenance and basic testing. Select from the ILR3 or ILR3+ for more information or call on  +44 (0) 1636 610062

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