Assistive listening solutions for transport vehicles and passenger areas

Ampetronic provide hearing loop solutions for transport that:


  • Offer direct communication to passengers via their existing hearing aid without the need for additional receivers
  • Improve the experience of hearing aid users by making public announcements, information and on-board entertainment accessible
  • Overcome the inherent difficulties posed by moving vehicles and deliver consistent and intelligible sound.

T14-1 Transport hearing loop driver - Rail

Service broadcasts and emergency announcements through rail and tram Public Address (PA) systems are now part of everyday life. Wouldn't it be great if everybody could hear them?

T14-1 Transport hearing loop driver - Bus and coach

Cover a whole bus or coach with a single amplifier.
Unrivalled intelligibility.
Up to 30 year design lifespan with midlife maintenance.

Counters, service points, intercoms

Intercom systems are now available in all passenger areas. Enable passengers with hearing aids to communicate with staff by connecting wirelessly to the intercom.

Window intercoms and speech transfer

Where screens and barriers are used communication can be challenging.
A window intercom system can make safe interaction much easier for both parties.

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