NEW C Series C10-1, C10-2 and C14-2 drivers now available

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Hearing loop drivers

Performance, consistency and certainty of results, from affordable entry level units to flagship, market leading power systems.

Fully networkable and powerful enough to provide intelligibility even in highly complex loop systems.

Cost effective, powerful, single loop drivers for great intelligibility and high voltage headroom that helps to avoid high frequency clipping.


High output, dual channel loop drivers, capable of driving a wide variety of multiple loop configurations, including multiple simple loops to phase shifted array systems.

C Series networkable hearing loop drivers

D Series networkable hearing loop drivers

ILD single channel loop drivers

MLD Multiloop drivers

The CLS driver from Ampetronic are designed specifically for wall mounting.

Simple, discreet installation.
Cabling and controls behind tamper resistant cover.

A full range of amplifiers and loops that can be used for counter communications; including ticket counters reception desks information or help-points, points of sale.

Hearing loop solutions for transport that offer direct communication to passengers via their existing hearing aid without the need for additional receivers.

CLS Wall mounted loop drivers

Counter loops, service points and intercoms

Solutions for vehicles and passenger areas

Installation accessories

Flat copper tape

Crimp and crimp tool

PVC extrusion for flat copper tape

Printed warning tape


Direct burial cables

Pre-formed counter loop

Counter induction loop pad

Wall mounts for C Series drivers

Wall mounts for D Series drivers

Blanking plate 1/4 width

Blanking plate 1/2 width

Blanking plate full width

Hearing loop signs

Wireless kit

Test and measurement equipment


FSM Field strength meter

Loopworks Measure R1

Loop receivers and testers

CMR Calibrated measuring receiver

HLS-2D Metal loss test driver

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