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T Series Default Configuration: Total.zip

This file contains the default configuration of a T Series unit following a factory reset. This can be used to restore a unit back to its default configuration in the event of a problem, e.g. in case inadvertent setting of the Ethernet parameters prevents access to the web interface.

Please note this file must be downloaded, extracted (unzipped) and copied to the T14-1 via its USB port. See the ‘Firmware / Web / Config / VoIP USB Upload instructions‘ document for guidance on how to use this file.

Note that restoring the default configuration will not reset the driver name, user passwords or VoIP unlock status.

C-series firmware update: C Series v1.2

  •  alp.bin
  • cwebsite.bin

Release date: November 2019

Priority: High. Please apply to all models.

Includes two separate files (V1.2) for both C-series firmware and website.

Neither updates are fully compatible with previous versions of the other, so must be installed & used together.

Please follow the link below to download the zip file containing the latest firmware and website updates for C-Series amplifiers and follow the install process.

C Series v1.2.zip


  •  alp.bin
  • cwebsite.bin

Description of change:

  • Switchable low cut filter added on both inputs with a networked amplifier – for applications where a microphone is plugged directly into the input. This is applied to the input, so does not affect test signals. Web configurable only. Default = off
  • DC output can be configured to flag faults with a networked amplifier. Web configurable only. Default = no error reporting (12V DC output)
  • Website enhancements:
    • Scaling on Compression & Current meters
    • Hidden channel B & current offset for single channel models
    • Added control of new features as detailed below
  • Improved management of settings restore to ensure compatibility with older units and enhance reliability.
  • Greater network security
    • Digest authentication
    • Monitoring and blacklisting multiple failed login attempts,
    • Stricter password rules
    • Telnet user authentication.

Note: Network security revisions may require adjustments to other systems which have been configured to communicate with C-series units – e.g. Telnet authentication. Please amend your systems as necessary.

  • Improved handling of GUI (front panel menu).
  • Improved handling of ‘Local Link’ network connection.
  • Support for up to 4 simultaneous website interface users
  • Fixes an issue on some units where output current is indicated without signal being delivered. In some extreme cases this causes a red screen start-up error “Loop A/B function test high over current’.
  • Enables upload of all files by USB power cycle.

Instructions for use:

Follow file link to zip, called

C Series v1.2.zip

  1. Load “Alp.bin” and “cwebsite.bin” from the zip file into the root directory (not in a folder) of a USB drive.
  2. With the C-series unit switched on, insert the USB drive into the “USB Update Only” socket on the rear panel.
  3. On the front panel, press and hold the “Back / Standby” button until the Standby menu appears.
  4. Scroll and select “Restart”.
  5. The unit will restart – DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER. The front panel LED will flash amber, then the unit will start as normal. This should take only a few seconds. The LED will continue to flash amber while the revised website is loaded. All previous user settings will be maintained and applied.
  6. Remove the USB stick from rear panel.

If you have any queries please contact us: support@ampetronic.com or call +44 (0) 1636 610062


D-series firmware update: D_Series_v1.088 
Release date: March 2018

Please find available for download our latest firmware update for our D-Series amplifiers. Simply use the link below to download Zip file, and follow install process.


Description of change: Recommended update, fixes a rare situation which could cause a system failure.

Priority: High, please apply to all models where possible, at the first opportunity.

Instructions for use:

Follow file link to zip, called D Series v1.088.zip

      1. Load “D Series.hex” in the root of a USB drive
      2. With the D-series unit off, insert drive into the USB in socket on rear
      3. Turn unit on
      4. Follow on screen instructions – takes a minute or so

You should also be able to find install instructions outlined in your user handbook. Any queries, contact us on support@ampetronic.com


D-Series DANTE card firmware

To update the firmware for the DANTE card in your D-Series driver you will need to download the latest DNT file and follow the instructions in the DANTE Configuration guide.

DANTE Configuration Update Guide – EB38524_5_DANTE_Configuration

Latest Ultimo DANTE firmware (released March 2019):

DanteUltimo with Static IP and append software 04_0_x.dnt

Latest UltimoX2 DANTE firmware (released August 2019):

No current updates

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