This is no longer the latest version, please check Firmware Updates to ensure you install the most recent update on your amplifier.


D-series firmware update: D_Series_v1.100
Release date: October 2021

Please find available for download our latest firmware update for our D-Series amplifiers. Simply use the link below to download Zip file, and follow install process.


Priority: Critical if using email notifications, otherwise low.
Please apply to all models where possible, at the first opportunity.

Release Dependencies:

  • Applicable to all D-Series models.
  • Requires both firmware files and website files to be installed at the same time.
  • Capable of updating directly from any previous version.

New Features, Improvements and Fixes:

  • Fix for authentication of email logs/alerts caused by SMTP service provider deprecating an API (critical for users with email logs enabled)
  • Telnet functionality improvements
    • Ability to turn Telnet off for added network security
    • Supports return key for end of message delimiter in addition to space
    • Introductory message sent when sessions are first connected
    • Fixed bug where first command always returned “not recognised”
  • Dual units – single output support
    • Dual channel units can have channel B disabled (turn Current Offset all the way down)
    • Disables loop checks/errors for running a single output
  • Sleep mode added to save power when no signal is present, timeout options:
    • Off, 10, 30 or 60 minutes
  • Configurable test signals timeout added to avoid them being accidentally left on following commissioning
  • Improved support for Loopworks Measure “Looplink” automated testing
    • “Loop output disabled” test tone added to allow background noise testing without physically turning off the amplifier
  • Front panel display resets to home after period of inactivity (10 minutes)
  • Removed preceding 0s in IP address octets on front panel display, entering these in the browser address bar previously could cause failure to load the web page
  • Disabled copies of email alerts being sent to Ampetronic
  • Updated webpage to match style and formatting of C-Series drivers
    • Split the controls into clear sections
    • Added help text to explain controls and parameters
    • Added scales to faders and meters
    • Made faders split-linear scale to allow more precision adjustment in upper ranges
    • Added control for DC output options to match existing front panel menu controls
    • Dante mode for input 2 hidden if Dante card not fitted to amplifier
    • Additional controls added to support new features (sleep timeout, Telnet on/off, test signal timeout)
    • Renamed master/slave parameters to “Link I/O” and Primary/Secondary (applies also to menu screen “Link Mode”)
    • Moved reporting email address field from Ethernet Configuration to Status Reporting section, this can now also be updated without restarting the amplifier
    • Single channel units now hide controls and meters which relate only to dual channel amplifiers
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Instructions for use:

  1. Download D_Series_v1.100  and extract the zip file to your computer
  2. Copy the D_Series.hex file to the root of a blank USB stick
  3. With the amplifier turned off, insert the USB stick into the socket on the amplifier and turn the amplifier on
  4. The amplifier will read 'REPROGRAMMING V 1.100' then 'STICK IMAGE CHECK OK'
  5. Once the amplifier screen shows 'PLS REMOVE STICK AND CYCLE POWER' unplug the USB stick and turn the amplifier off then back on again
  6. You must also update the website, navigate to the amplifier's IP address /mpfsupload, eg.
  7. Note you will need to authenticate to access this webpage, login using username: admin and password: ampetronic
  8. Click 'Choose file' and select the DSeriesWeb.bin, then click 'Upload'
  9. The website will read 'MPFS Update Successful', click the 'Site main page' link and you will be returned to the amplifiers web interface

NOTE: Special characters in the driver name may cause the webpage to fail to load. Ensure only letters, numbers, periods, hyphens or spaces are used in the driver name before updating.

You should also be able to find install instructions outlined in your user handbook. Any queries, contact us on