C-series firmware update: C Series v1.5.1


Release date: November 2021

Priority: Low

Includes two separate files (V1.5.1) for both C-series firmware and website and a third file containing the changelog and release notes.

Neither updates are fully compatible with previous versions of the other, so must be installed & used together.

Please follow the link below to download the zip file containing the latest firmware and website updates for C-Series amplifiers and follow the install process.

C Series v1.5.1 Firmware


  •  alp.bin
  • cwebsite.bin
  • v1.5.1 Release Notes.txt

Description of change:

Fixes an issue with short term current capability of the C10/14 models.

In addition includes all features and updates applied to network models in v1.5.0:

  • SNMP for status reporting and monitoring
  • A priority input option
    Input 2 (mic/line or 100V) can now be used to override other inputs when active
  • Tooltips to the web interface
  • Status reporting for configuration of alerts and notifications
  • and support for DHCP Option 61
  • The ability to assign a single channel amplifier to either phase for use of perimeter loop drivers as part of a larger multiloop installation e.g. theatre balconies

All models now have:

  • HF Boost MLC option added to better optimise frequency response for systems where metal losses have caused a more significant high frequency attenuation.
  • An Input 250Hz low cut option added to the front panel of non-network drivers, to improve intelligibility by attenuation of lower frequencies when using a mic directly with the driver.

Additional improvements:

  • Sleep and Standby mode improvements
    • Standby indicated by Amber flashing LED
    • Sleep is Green flashing
    • Return to home screen on front panel when returning from Standby
    • Standby maintained despite test tones or input signal
    • Change default Sleep time to 30 mins
    • Reliable recovery from Sleep
  • Wholesale Network revision
    • Improved compliance with RFC standards
    • Management of Static / DHCP / Link local IP slots
    • IP address added to front panel status page for easy reference
  • Website improvements
    • Power status – Active / Standby / Sleep – added to website ‘Status’ page
    • Error configuration / management improvements
    • Help Text added to all key features
  • Variable Speed fan – to enhance product lifespan
  • Various other bug fixes

Instructions for use:

  1. Click the button to download the zip files required.


  1. Load “Alp.bin” and “cwebsite.bin” from the zip file into the root directory (not in a folder) of a USB drive.
  2. With the C-series unit switched on, insert the USB drive into the “USB Update Only” socket on the rear panel.
  3. On the front panel, press and hold the “Back / Standby” button until the Standby menu appears.
  4. Scroll and select “Restart”.
  5. The unit will restart – DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER. The front panel LED will flash amber, then the unit will start as normal. This should take only a few seconds. The LED will continue to flash amber while the revised website is loaded. All previous user settings will be maintained and applied.
  6. Remove the USB stick from rear panel.

If you have any queries please contact us: support@ampetronic.com or call +44 (0) 1636 610062