Kings Place, Kings Place Music Foundation

Location: London, United Kingdom


Kings place is a high quality public art facility run by the Kings Place Music Foundation. The building acts as the headquarters for two prestigious orchestras, the London Sinfonietta and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. First opening their doors in September 2008 Kings Place Music Foundation decided to install induction loop systems into their main concert hall, Battlebridge room and the St Pancras room so to ensure an equal audio experience for all of their visitors. With such an emphasis on music, spoken word, film, events and audio education in a building that was specifically designed for acoustic excellence it was essential that the hearing loops be reliable and of the highest audio quality.


The loop installed in the main convert hall was installed by Edinburgh-based Northern Light who said “It was a reasonably straightforward installation, with simple loops around the perimeter of each level and we encountered no significant problems,” says Northern Light project manager Steve Myers. The hearing loops installed in the Battlebridge and St Pancras rooms however have been installed by DRV Group Ltd and Richard Bellingham, Senior Technical Resources Engineer stated that  “We chose Ampetronic equipment because it is reliable and a known entity. DRV has always used Ampetronic through choice”.


Equipment used:


Main concert hall (Hall one)

  • ILD1000G Phased array kit and Ampetronic phased array loop design


Battlebridge room

  • ILD300 Phased array kit and Ampetronic phased array loop design


St Pancras room

  • ILD300 Phased array kit and Ampetronic phased array loop design

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