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T14-1 Transport hearing loop driver – rail

The T14-1 Rail transport hearing loop driver offers:

  • Compliance to relevant rail standards EN50155, EN50121-3, EN45545
  • Cover a whole carriage with a single amplifier
  • Unrivalled intelligibility

Service broadcasts and emergency announcements through rail and tram Public Address (PA) systems are now part of everyday life. Their direct connection to the user’s hearing aid means that Hearing Loops are the only assistive listening technology suitable for use on public passenger vehicles.

The T14-1 Rail transport hearing loop driver from Ampetronic offers performance you can rely on:

  • Generating less heat than other drivers in its class
  • Remote technical support and network features to control and configure the system
  • Enables reporting features to be integrated with the TCMS
  • Metal Loss Correction
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Excellent reliability backed by a 5 year warranty

The T14-1 replaces the XA88 and is also available for bus and coach transport (see T14-1 Bus transport hearing loop driver)


The T14-1 hearing loop driver range has been designed as high quality digital, networkable single loop output drivers. The range includes models intended for use in rail or bus applications.
Depending on a number of factors regarding the installation of the loop and the set-up of the driver, the T14-1 range can provide compliance with IEC 60118-4 for appropriately specified loop installations.
Compliance to relevant Standards, reduced weight and heat generation have been major factors in the design, combined with optimised performance and the freedom from R.F.I. generation.
The T14-1 range has a Class D output stage which offers better than 60% increase in energy efficiency over previous solutions. The products feature WAGO or Harting connectors and use remote control and monitoring via a browser based control panel using standard network protocols; including HTTP, Telnet, email and SNMP.
All units feature high power outputs plus ample voltage headroom, making them suitable for any rail, tram or bus application.
Networked T14-1 models also feature dual-slope metal loss compensation that caters for a wide range of metal loss frequency characteristics.

  • Features
  • Variants
  • Specifications
  • Standards
  • Downloads
    • Class D output stage driver for maximum efficiency, unsurpassed in its field
    • Less weight than most alternatives in its class
    • Options to allow analogue and VOIP audio inputs
    • Transformer isolated inputs
    • Industrial Ethernet port
    • USB firmware update port
    • T14-1LW: 24V power, Wago connectors
    • T14-1LH: 24V power, Harting connectors
    • T14-1UW: 72-110V power, Wago connectors
    • T14-1UH: 72-110V power, Harting connectors

    Power Supply24V-36V / 72-110V DC, up to 200W max
    Harting Han Q 3D 3-pin (of 5-way insert) or
    WAGO 769 series detachable 3-way block24V Power
    Nominal voltage 24V DC
    Voltage range 14.4 – 33.6V DC
    Coupling Direct – no power converter
    Overcurrent Protection Internal replaceable fuse, T 4A L
    Power Consumption 61W (2.54 A) continuous audio 6W (0.25 A) quiescent 150W (6.25 A) short-term peak (at full 1kHz sine output)72V Power
    Nominal voltage 72V DC
    Voltage range 43 – 108V DC
    Coupling Isolated – uses power converter
    Overcurrent Protection Current foldback in power converter & non-replaceable 7A fuse in converter
    Power Consumption 70W (0.97 A) continuous audio
    10W (0.14 A) quiescent 150W (2.08 A) short-term peak (at full 1kHz sine output)110V Power
    Nominal voltage: 110V DC
    Voltage range: 65 – 150V DC
    Coupling: Isolated – uses power converter
    Overcurrent Protection: Current foldback in power converter & non-replaceable 5A fuse in converter
    Power Consumption: 70W (0.64 A) continuous audio 10W (0.09 A) quiescent 150W (1.36 A) short-term peak (at full 1kHz sine output)
    Safety GroundM6 chassis stud (nut & star washer supplied)
    Signal InputsInput 1 and 2 Pin selectable 2V / 30V / 100V balanced isolated line
    Input connector Audio inputs, status and enables through
    Harting Han Q 3D 21-way or WAGO 769 series detachable blocks
    Enable InputsIsolated control input per channel
    Ethernet control I/OHTML and Telnet control interface
    M12 circular Industrial Ethernet (TCP/IP), 10/100M
    VOIP Input (option) SIP/RTP network audio input available through ethernet connection


    Loop Output
    Drive Current
    14ARMS (19.8Apk) up to 60 seconds continuous 1kHz
    sine wave, peak >20A
    Cont. pink noise >6.6ARMS
    Loop ImpedanceUp to 0.49Ω reactive at 1.6kHz, with transformer ratio 1.67:1
    Drive Voltage>24VRMS (33Vpk) available at maximum output current
    Loop ConnectorHarting Han Q 3D 2-pin (of 5-way insert) or WAGO 769 series detachable 2-way block
    Status OutputIsolated relay contact and network options (inc. SNMP)
    Monitoring of loop resistance and operating status


    Freq. Response100Hz to 5kHz ±1.5dB relative to 1kHz at low level.
    CompressionThe AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range
    Gain Control >38dB
    Metal Loss CorrectionDual slope configurable MLC up to 4dB per octave


    DimensionsWidth 296mm, depth 217mm, height 53mm excluding connectors
    Operating temperatureAccording to EN50155 to OT4
    -40C to +70C (+85C for 10 mins at startup)



    • EN50155 including EN50121-3 and EN61373.
    • EN45545 Fire safety
    • ECE-R10 (24VDC) Vehicles (WAGO connectors only)

    The T14-1 is compliant with rail standard BS EN 50155:2007 and associated standards including BS EN 50121-3-2 (EMC) and EN 61373:2010 (shock and vibration). In addition, the T14-1 is compliant with EN 45545-2:2013 (Smoke and Fire behaviour) to HL3.

    The 24V variant of the T14-1 is compliant with automotive regulation
    EN/ECE R10 encompassing the requirements of EN 50498:2010.

    Loop Performance:
    The T14-1 will enable an Audio Frequency Induction Loop system that meets the requirements of EN 60118-4:2006 to be created, if the system is specified, installed and commissioned in an appropriate manner, including observing Ampetronic instructions.

    Standards compliance to IEC 62489-1
    T14-1 amplifiers are designed to form part of a system which can meet all requirements of international loop performance standard IEC 60118-4, and relevant parts of BS 7594. To fully meet requirements of these standards, correct design, installation, commissioning and maintenance are required.

    Ampetronic drivers have CE and UL marks to all relevant safety and EMC standards.

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