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HLS-2C Active Loop Panel for intercoms

The Active Loop Panel is a lightweight, compact Hearing Loop (Induction Loop) unit with aesthetic styling designed to complement typical intercoms. It combines all the crucial elements of a functional hearing loop system, requiring only power and an audio input to provide essential access to individuals with hearing loss. It comprises an IP rated case, efficient class D loop driver (amplifier), multi-turn copper loop and the internationally recognised signage that informs the user that the service is available.

It designed to be mounted close to an entry intercom or other devices where it can be connected to the audio source via transformer isolated balanced input.

Installation is quick and simple, requiring only the removal of the front cover to reveal the fixing points and quick clamp DC power and line level connections – with only adjustments to current, gain and metal loss compensation being required if necessary when commissioned using a Field Strength Meter or Loopworks Measure Receiver.

Applications include:

  • Door entry intercoms
  • Help & information points
  • Emergency refuge points
  • Information desks & kiosks

Installation Note:

The Active Loop Panel is designed to produce optimal audio quality at bent arm’s length for the average person – as it is expected that they will be depressing a button to communicate via the intercom.
The unit can be mounted below or at the side of the intercom panel at a height of approximately 1.1-1.2 meters (4 feet). At this height, the emitted magnetic field shape will function correctly for both standing adults, children and wheel chair users.When wall mounting, cabling between the intercom and Active Loop Panel

When wall mounting, cabling between the intercom and Active Loop Panel should ideally be routed behind the brickwork to maintain IP rating and finished aesthetics.

Product code:

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Standards
  • Downloads
    • Compact and robust design
    • Compliment intercom panel
    • Simple integration & installation
    • Low power consumption
    • Class D efficiency
    • DSP for unrivaled intelligibility
    • Prides a localised magnetic field
    • Low lifetime cost
    • Excellent reliability, 5 year warranty & free technical support
    • Power supply (12-24V DC)
    • Transformer isolated inputs
    • Metal loss correction
  • Power supply and consumption

    • 12-24V DC: Typical local DC supply inside equipment where another supply is already present.
    • Whilst the HLS-2C draws less than 2.9W @ 12V DC with typical signals, you should still check that an existing supply has enough spare capacity.


    Datasheet & Specifications

    All information specified on this datasheet has been compiled in accordance with the IEC 62489-1: 2010+A1:2014 Standard and reflects actual performance in realistic applications.

    Installation Guide:
    Group connections to input 1/2 with DC power cabling. Keep the loop feed cable separate from other connections. When mounting the unit leave clearance above and below the board to meet relevant safety Standards. Mount using 4 x M3 machine screws (with spacers if required) or insulated adhesive pad(s) on the reverse side of the board.


    Power Requirement
    Connector:Wago 2061 cage clamp for 0.5 – 1.5mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire.
    Nominal voltage:12V-24V DC
    Voltage range:8-30V DC
    Fuse:1.5A PTC
    Power Consumption:2.88W (240mA) continuous pink noise
    9.2W (765mA) continuous sine
    0.17W (14mA) quiescent Power Save
    14.4W (1200mA) max short term peak
    Indication:LED on PCB
    Input 1 & 2
    Connector:Wago 2060 cage clamp for 0.2 – 0.75mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire
    Line Level (Lo Z speaker)
    Rated source impedance:1.8kΩ differential,
    Input isolation:1500V
    Rated source EMF (sensitivity):-16dBu for full output
    Adjustment:Level control, per channel


    Loop Output
    Connector:Wago 2061 cage clamp for 0.5 – 1.5mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire.
    Compliance voltage:4.2VRMS (6Vpk)
    Max output current (sine):3ARMS
    Rated temperature limited output current (pink):1.5ARMS
    Rated time for delivery:1min
    Rated THD:<1%
    Output Impedance:>9Ω
    Current Adjustment:Full range
    Current Indication:LED indicates 1ARMS
    Loop Impedance0.3Ω to 1Ω, 1.3 reactive at 1.6 kHz
    Rated Load:80uH, 0.5R


    Freq. Response100Hz to 5kHz ±1.5dB relative to 1kHz at low level, measured as loop current with no metal loss correction.
    Compression Time constants optimised for speech
    Dynamic range:>36dB
    Control:by adjusting input level/gain
    Indication:LED on PCB
    Metal Loss0dB to 3dB / octave boost

    PHYSICAL (12V DC Power Option)

    Height:22mm + mounting clearance
    Heat dissipation: IP55, IK08, <90% relative humidity, -30 to 75 °C
  • Safety, EMC

    The HLS-2C is CE marked to indicate compliance with relevant product safety and EMC standards.

    Loop Performance

    The HLS-2C will allow an Audio Frequency Induction Loop system that meets the requirements of IEC 60118-4 to be created at the expected height and distance of a single user, if the system is specified, installed and commissioned
    in an appropriate manner, including observing Ampetronic instructions.

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