Integrating Telepresence Systems with Hearing Loops for Improved Accessibility

Location: Dubai, UAE

In 2020, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) approached DASS Solutions with a unique challenge – to integrate their telepresence systems from AVA Robotics with hearing loops to provide greater accessibility for their customers using T-coil enabled hearing aids.

AVA Robotics telepresence units were mobile, remote-controlled devices, consisting of a display, camera, and speakers to enable customers to virtually communicate with the DEWA team. However, the existing system posed a significant challenge for customers with hearing disabilities as it lacked the necessary provisions for hearing aid compatibility.

Ampetronic was contacted by DASS Solutions to address DEWA’s challenge of improving the accessibility of their services for all customers, and this case study outlines the solution that was implemented.


Integrating Telepresence Systems with Hearing Loops


DEWA’s requirement to integrate their telepresence systems with hearing loops posed a significant challenge. The project required a comprehensive understanding of the hearing loop technology, the telepresence system’s functionality, and the ability to integrate the two systems seamlessly. Ampetronic, the world-leading hearing loops manufacturer, was the ideal partner to guarantee that the solution met international accessibility standards and was user-friendly for customers with disabilities.

  “The main technical challenge with the induction loops was considering the placement within the unit to provide the best magnetic field coverage for users at different positions.”

Rob Bartlam, Support Team Lead & Transport Specialist, Ampetronic



Integrating Telepresence Systems with Hearing Loops - Ampetronic HLS2-2A hearing Loop DriverSolution:

DASS Solutions took a diligent approach to the project, conducting extensive research to develop a unique solution to meet DEWA’s requirements. The team collaborated with AVA Robotics and Ampetronic, specialists in assistive listening technology to design and develop a custom hearing loop solution to be integrated with the telepresence units. A bespoke induction loop coil in conjunction with the Ampetronic HLS-2A hearing loop amplifier provided a system that vastly improved the equality of access to clear, quality sound by providing a direct audio transmission via the loop system to the user’s hearing aid or cochlear implant.




Ampetronic’s innovative solution was a one-of-a-kind system in this application. The hearing loop integration vastly improved the accessibility of DEWA’s telepresence system, enabling customers with hearing impairments to communicate with DEWA’s customer service staff seamlessly. Moreover, the solution met international accessibility standards. The success of the project is a testament to the teamwork between DASS Solutions, AVA Robotics and Ampetronic and their commitment to innovation and creative thinking.

“The success of the project and good performance of the induction loops shows the accurate communication and interpretation from DASS Solutions. Ampetronic have worked alongside DASS Solutions in previous projects and this venture has shown them once again to be a reliable and adaptable partner in the assistive listening market.”

Rob Bartlam, Support Team Lead & Transport Specialist, Ampetronic


This joint project between Ampetronic, AVA Robotics and Dass Solutions was the first known documented implementation of hearing loops in service or telepresence robots, a feat that has paved the way for greater accessibility for DEWA’s customers.

“We’d like to also thank DASS Solutions and AVA Robotics for the opportunity. The team were very forthcoming with information and advice to allow the smooth integration of the induction loops. We can all be proud that this exciting technology is now accessible to an even wider audience.”

Rob Bartlam, Support Team Lead & Transport Specialist, Ampetronic


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