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HLS-DM2 Hearing Loop Driver Module

The HLS-DM2 OEM Compact Induction Loop Amplifier for Integration is an advanced driver for use in smaller area local applications. The unit is designed to be integrated into communication systems such as elevators, intercoms, help points and kiosk systems etc. It is backed by Ampetronic’s 5-year warranty and free technical support.

The HLS-DM2 uses efficient class D current drive technology to reduce power consumption and heat output. It is the only small area induction loop driver capable of reliably driving most practical local area loops to meet the IEC60118-4 Standard even where available power or allowable heat is limited, e.g. connecting to equipment that uses PoE or in plastic enclosures.

The transformer isolated balanced input allows simple connection to all intercoms, help points and kiosk systems, making the HLS-DM2 the obvious choice for any quality intercom system.

HLS-DM2 OEM Compact Induction Loop Amplifier for Integration applications include:

  • Intercom systems for most environments:
    • Lifts / elevators
    • Help & information points
    • Refuge points
    • Door entry systems
    • Car parks & toll booths
    • Security barriers & drive throughs
    • Information points & kiosks
    • Interactive exhibits

Power supply and consumption:

  • 12-24V DC: Typical local DC supply inside equipment where another supply is already present.

Whilst the HLS-DM2 draws less than 2.9W @ 12V DC with typical signals, you should still check that any existing supply has enough spare capacity.

 The video attached is an example of the audio experience for a hearing aid user at a help point with an integrated HLS-DM2.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
    • Compact & lightweight
    • Ideal for low profile OEM integrations
      Low power consumption & simple integration
    • Area coverage of up to 56m2
      Two turn perimeter loop @ 1:1 ratio
    • Localised area loops
      Counters, walls, panels etc
    • Low lifetime cost
    • Excellent reliability, 5 year warranty & free technical support
    • Power supply
      12-24V DC
    • Transformer isolated inputs
    • Metal loss correction
    • Unrivalled intelligibility
  • Inputs

    Power SupplyStandard format: 12V DC
    Nominal voltage:12-24V DC
    Min/Max Voltage:8-30V DC
    Fuse:1.5A PTC
    Power Consumption:2.88W (240mA) continuous pink noise
    9.2W (765mA) continuous sine
    14.4W (1200mA) max short term peak
    Indication:LED on PCB
    Input 1 & 2 Connector: Wago 2060 cage clamp for 0.2 – 0.75mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire
    Line LevelRated source impedance:1.8kΩ differential,
     Lo Z speakerInput isolation:1500V
    Rated source EMF (sensitivity):-16dBu for full output
    Adjustment:Level control, per channel


    Loop OutputCompliance voltage:4.2VRMS (6Vpk)
    Max output current (sine):3ARMS
    Rated temperature limited output current (pink): 1.5ARMS
    Rated time for delivery:1min
    Rated THD:<1%
    Output Impedance:>9Ω
    Current Adjustment:Full range
    Current Indication:LED indicates 1ARMS
    Connector:Wago 2061 cage clamp for 0.5 – 1.5mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire.
    Loop Impedance 0.3Ω- 1Ω,  1.3Ω reactive at 1.6kHz
    Rated Load:80uH, 0.5R

    Audio System

    Freq. Response100Hz to 5kHz ±1.5dB relative to 1kHz at low level, measured as loop current with no metal loss correction.
    CompressionTime constants optimised for speech
    (AGC)Dynamic range:>36dB
    Control:by adjusting input level/gain
    Indication:LED on PCB
    Metal Loss0dB to 3dB / octave boost


    Height9mm + mounting clearance
    EnvironmentIP00: (PCB for integration) <90% relative humidity, -30 to 75°C
    Heat dissipation < 3W maximum, normally less

    Perimeter Loops Area Coverage

    The HLS-DM2 can be used to cover a small area using a two turn perimeter loop* at floor level for seated and standing use.

    Room aspect ratio1:12:13:1
    Maximum area m2565048


    * Wire must be 1.5mm2 for optimum audio performance in maximum areas shown – see handbook for maximum area with each wire size. Contact Ampetronic for further advice or if best choice is unclear.

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