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Temple Farm is a new 84 acre UK headquarters for the International Bible Students Association (IBSA) located near Chelmsford, Essex, UK. The site has up to 1000 volunteer workers per day alongside a small number of outside sub-contractors and is professionally managed and run by the organisation.

In order to provide equal access to sound for people with hearing loss and fulfil the requirements of IEC 60118-4 in their new multipurpose auditorium, the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation approached Ampetronic to help.
Working through their requirements it quickly became apparent that spill control was required. As the complexity of the loop system grew Ampetronic recommended Scanaudio, chosen for their expert knowledge on projects of this size, to provide induction loop installation and integration with AV systems.

Scanaudio worked with the client regarding the practical installation of 3 x phased arrays loops covering a 750m2 multipurpose room.

Amidst challenging floor conditions and concerns about tapes being cut, Scanaudio changed the system specification from flat copper tape to direct burial cable ensuring a robust system solution.

“I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to work with JW.org. Their friendly professional approach was a real help to us working to a tight schedule to install the loop before the installation of the floor in the multipurpose room. This large space was available to us for the duration of the works and was the best prepared space we have worked during the last 25 years.”
Dee Couchman
Scanaudio Ltd.

Due to the diligence and floor preparation by the JW organisation the loop installation was completed in under five days.

The loop systems used were designed and checked by Ampetronic’s world leading design engineers. MutliLoop phased arrays were installed directly on top of the concrete floor slab using 2.5mm direct burial cable (DBC), secured with 8mm hammer in cable tie mounts using 200m reels to minimise the number of joins in the cable. Each phased array was driven by an Ampetronic D10-2 multiloop driver with program audio fed from the client’s AV system. Continuity sign off tests were carried out to Standard after installation of the arrays and then again following the application of foam floor insulation.

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