SG Enable gets in the loop

Location: Singapore,Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea

Ampetronic enjoys an extremely productive working relationship with the Hearing Solution Group, who has its headquarters and flagship centre in Singapore and centres in Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea. Part of The Hearing Solution Group, the Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd was established in 2003 to fill a vacuum in the provision of quality hearing healthcare in Asia. The Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd is the biggest independent hearing health care provider in South East Asia, with close to 72 centres across the 4 countries.

The partnership between Ampetronic and The Hearing Solution Group has paved the way for the installation of Hearing Loops in many public buildings including: nursing homes, schools and churches as well as in airports across Asia. Ampetronic’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Alistair Knight, commented: “Over the last decade, The Hearing Solution Group has helped almost 100,000 people with hearing loss. By providing the best designs and equipment available, Ampetronic is proud to have played a part in their success.

We are particularly proud of the work that the Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd has undertaken at the Singapore Enabling Centre (SG Enable), an agency dedicated to enabling disabled children, young people and adults in Singapore, where our Hearing Loop systems are installed.”

Wendy Teo, Product Manager and Trainer at the Hearing Solution Group commented: “SG Enable provides information and referral services for child and adult disability schemes. It also administers grants, improves transition management across different life stages and enhances employability and employment options for disabled people. Services at the Centre include gym and workout studio areas, multimedia labs, event halls, including retractable seating areas and multipurpose meeting roomsThe inclusion of assistive listening systems was absolutely key to ensuring that service users with hearing loss had full access to all the services provided.”

The Hearing Loop systems installed in the gym and workout areas at SG Enable needed to provide even signal coverage throughout the spaces. The multimedia labs, event halls and multimedia spaces required both consistent coverage and management of overspill, to ensure that confidentiality was maintained where necessary. The loop system in the retractable seating was installed into the actual seating structure; this solution ensured an even signal could be achieved when the seating was in situ and because of the position of the loop wires, the signal would be cancelled out and therefore effectively turned off, when the seats were folded away.

Ampetronic provided both the designs and equipment for The Hearing Solution Group, who also undertook the system installations for SG Enable to the internationally recognised IEC60118-4 Standard.

Equipment used



Flat copper tape

Burial cable