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Direct burial cables

DBC Direct Burial Cable for hearing loops from Ampetronic for laying in concrete screed, immune to the corrosive effects of concrete.

PVC cable can not be used for burial in concrete as the corrosive effects of alkalis present in cement based compounds will lead to failure of the loop over time. This specialised EPR-CSP HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant, Flame Retardant) cable offers more durable insulation when compared to standard PVC wire and improves protection where a loop wire needs to be installed in a concrete screed. DBC 1.0 available in 100m drums only. DBC 2.5 available in 100m and 200m drums.

Product Code: 

ACDB10100       Direct Burial Cable 1.0mm² 100m reel
ACDB25100       Direct Burial Cable 2.5mm²  100m reel
ACDB25200       Direct Burial Cable 2.5mm²  200m reel

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