Glenwood Dental Centre

Location: Glenwood, Sydney, Australia

Glenwood Dental Centre is a dental centre providing quality dental healthcare in Glenwood Australia. They pride themselves on their professional and comfortable environment and this of course includes catering for those patients with hearing loss in an equal and non-discriminative manner.

It was decided by Glenwood and the installers that the most ideal place for a hearing loop would be in the reception area as this will provide the greatest benefit to the end user. The required coverage area itself was relatively small so it was decided that a pair of ILD300 amplifiers would easily be sufficient in producing the required power to drive the hearing loop system.

The installation of our custom Phased Array design was implemented and completed by Xtreme Business Solutions Limited who installed the system to the exact specifications resulting in a hearing loop that adheres to the internationally recognised IEC60118-4 2006 standard and now helps to ensure that the Glenwood Dental Centre adhere to local legislation and provide equality of access to all of their patrons.

Equipment used:

Image is for illustrative purposes only – Credit Olaf Knauer