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TalkPerfect TP-DX-N Duplex Intercom

The Ampetronic TalkPerfect TP-DX-N duplex intercom system is the control unit for a two-way voice enhancement system, with an integral Hearing Loop driver. Based on proven, reliable and patented technology, the full duplex system amplifies speech for both customer and staff whist minimising background noise and actively reducing acoustic feedback.

The TalkPerfect TP-DX-N system not only comprises a full duplex intercom system, reinforcing communications from staff to customer and customer to staff with high quality amplified sound, but is also simple to install, does not require an external computer of software to set up, and once installed it is designed to function without further intervention.

The TalkPerfect TP-DX-N contains signal processing for system stability and clarity of speech and is shipped pre-set, directly for use with minimum set up adjustment.

The Hearing Loop (or Audio Induction Loop System [AFILS]) driver will allow hearing assistance to be provided to customers as part of the installation when connected to suitable installed loop wiring.

TalkPerfect TP-DX-N duplex intercom system –  KIT 1 (Standard) Diagram

Client Side:
1 x POD Speaker
1 x Glass Mount Microphone

Staff Side:
1x Combi Microphone/Speaker Unit

TalkPerfect TP-DX-N duplex intercom system


TalkPerfect applications include

  • Security reception desks
  • Customer returns points
  • Banks & Post Offices
  • High cash counters
  • Prison visitor desks
  • Benefits agencies
  • Police stations
  • Petrol forecourts


The TalkPerfect can be supplied in kits to suit any environment and application:

Kit codeDescription
TP-N-KIT1         Talkperfect Kit1 1 Glass Mount Mic, 1 combi  + 1 Pod speaker, audio induction loop
TP-N-KIT3         Talkperfect Kit3  1 Pod Mic, 1 Pod speaker + 1 combi, audio induction loop
TP-N-KIT4         Talkperfect Kit4  2 Pod Mics + 2 Pod speakers, audio induction loop


for alternative see TalkPerfect duplex speech transfer system

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Standards
  • Downloads
  • For the installer:

    • Modular and compact – flexible to install and unobtrusive
    • All connections are made on the rear panel of the control unit – simplifies and speeds installation
    • Stainless Steel or RAL colour finish speaker PODs – complimentary to any decor or required aesthetic

    For the user:

    • Full duplex communication – allows natural conversation
    • Patented technology – minimises acoustic feedback
    • Proven reliability – low maintenance costs
    • Noise cancelling microphones – high rejection to background noise
    • Integrated hearing loop system – enabling connection with T-coil enabled devices e.g. hearing aids, cochlear implants and hand held receivers
    • Independent volume controls for both channels – comfortable listening for staff and client
    • Combined speaker, microphone & control model – easy to position and saves counter space *when installed with Combi Unit
    • Red LED ring signal – attractive indication of system operation *when installed with Combi Unit


  • Mic inputsUnbalanced electret microphone:
    Source impedance <1kΩ
    Gain: >60dB (control at max)
    Sensitivity: -50dBu (2.4mVRMS) @ 1kHz with gain control at max level
    Input noise level: -124dBu
    Input impedance: 1.1kΩ
    DC bias voltage: 12V though 11kΩ


    Speaker O/Ps4W per channel, <0.5% THD @ 1kHz with +9dBu (1.2W into 4Ω), 20Hz – 10kHz
    Minimum load: 4Ω, Frequency response: 100Hz – 6KHz +/-3dB


    Loop O/PCurrent: 2.4A RMS, Max Voltage: +14dBu (3.9VRMS) THD <0.5% @ 1kHz with 2.2ARMS into 0.3Ω, 70uH
    Loop resistance: Min 0.3Ω
    Frequency response: 80Hz – 5.0kHz +/-1.5dB re: 1kHz
    AGC: 40dB dynamic range, high ratio limiting type
     MLC: Flat to >3dB per octave boost (fully anti-clockwise – flat response)


    Control StatusMute turns all outputs off
    LED output indicates if the system is active – connect to ground


    Dimensions & Weightwidth 220mm, depth 116mm, height 40mm, 630g
    Temperature Range-30 to +75ºC, 20 to 95% relative humidity


    DC Power12VDC, Range: 9VDC to 16VDC
    Power Quiescent: 3.0W (250mA)
    Power Maximum: 24W (2.0A)
    Protection: 2.0A resettable device


    MicrophonesPOD Microphone, Combi Unit, Glass Mount Microphone
    SpeakersPOD Speaker, Combi Unit
  • Meets relevant CE, EMC and safety standards

    Maximum cable length for all connections is 3m

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