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ILD100 DC small vehicle, VOX switching loop driver

The ILD100DC audio induction loop driver is in a class of its own, designed for mobile applications including boats, minibusses, small public transport vehicles and mobile homes. This compact and stylish unit is capable of driving loop areas in excess of 100m2 with an unrivalled clarity of sound for superior intelligibility. Based on proven and highly reliable technology it is backed by a full 5 year warranty and free technical support.

All connections are plug and socket style for simple quick installation. Configuration VOX switching sets priorities for each input. Twin phono (RCA) inputs provide a simple interface to hi-fi systems and televisions. Available with a range of microphones, interface cables and accessories.

Freestanding or wall mounted, the ILD100DC is the obvious choice for smaller installations such as video conference rooms, private homes, TV rooms, nursing homes, receptions and waiting rooms.

Applications include

  • Minbuses
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Caravans & Mobile Homes

Equipment supplied as standard with the ILD100DC

  • Handbook and installation instructions
  • 99 x 128mm loop system present sign (deaf logo)

Ampetronic can supply an extensive range of additional accessories for installation – discuss your requirements with our sales team and we will provide materials and equipment to suit your application.


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  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Specifications
  • Standards
  • Downloads
    • Low lifetime cost
    • Excellent proven reliability
    • 5 year warranty
    • Unrivalled intelligibility
    • VOX switching – configured to prioritise Mic 1 input
    • Built in tone control
    • Very compact – 216 x 124 x 44mm
    • 2 microphone inputs (electret)
    • 1 line input – twin phono (RCA) connectors for TV / hi-fi connection
    • Input adaptors and accessories for any audio input requirements,
      e.g. SCART lead, assorted microphones
    • Free technical support line for advice, design and install
  • Compatible Microphone options

    The ILD100DC can be purchased as a stand-alone unit or with microphones. If you require additional options, please contact Support for specification or supply of a microphone to suit your application.

    Tie clip microphone EM1.2: Diameter 10 x 18mm long, supplied with tie clip (crocodile clip) and 3m cable.
    Desktop microphone EM195A: Footprint 93 x 76mm. Directional microphone for improved sound pickup. Weighted base for stability. Mounted on horizontal or vertical surface (mounting accessories supplied). 3m cable.
    Boundary microphone Q400: AKG manufactured hypercardioid boundary microphone 43 x 23mm footprint. Can be fixed to any flat surface. 3m cable.

    Compatible Input adaptors and preamplifiers

    By using the appropriate input adaptor or preamplifier the ILD100DC will accept multiple additional inputs or audio inputs from other sources:

    MAT60 – Balanced dynamic microphone adapter (XLR)
    MAT60 + 15V PSU – Balanced 15V phantom-powered condenser microphone adapter (XLR)
    ATT-UJ transformer isolated attenuators – 100V line input. Low impedance speaker line. Line Level

  • The ILD100DC is designed for small vehicles but can be used to drive single turn perimeter loop applications from a 12v power source.

    Room aspect ratio1:12:13:1
    Maximum area coverage m2120150200


    For any Induction Loop System, area coverage is dependent on several factors. Please check these assumptions and contact Ampetronic for advice if required:

    • The loop is 1-2m above or below the receiver height
    • There are no metal structures in the plane of the loop
    • There is sufficient voltage to drive the cable length – check table below.

    Maximum Cable Length

    The ILD100 is designed for SINGLE TURN loops for optimum audio quality. When maximum current output is required the ILD100 can drive

    • Loops with DC resistance from 0.2Ω to 0.8Ω
    • Impedance up to a maximum of 0.9Ω

    When operating below maximum outpuit, the ILD100DC can drive longer cable lengths – contacts us for more details.

    Maximum cable length is dependent on cable type and on the application.

    Cable typeMaximum Cable Length (m)
    Normal Use*Transient Speech*
    1.0mm2 copper3439
    2.5mm2 copper4049
    4.0mm2 copper4659
    1.8mm2 flat copper tape6070


    * Short term speech (e.g. service counter, airport PA system) can cope with limited clipping at high frequencies – Ampetronic recommends delivery of full current up to 1.2kHz for these applications.
    Longer term usage or signals with music or high quality audio must deliver full current to at least 1.6kHz to prevent fatigue and give acceptable intelligibility. Many commercially available systems do not deliver sufficient voltage to reproduce critical high frequencies – ask us for more details.

    ILD100DC Specifications


    Power120V and 12V DC options also available
    Microphone input2 inputs: 3.5mm mono connector for electret microphones
    DC powering for electret capsules. (Requires MAT60 adaptor to take XLR balanced microphone input).
    Front panel recessed gain control
    Line input2 x phono (RCA) connectors, impedance 60kΩ each side,
    20kΩ differential. Sensitivity matched to SCART signal level.
    Front panel recessed gain control


    Drive voltage3.0Vrms (4.2Vpk) at maximum output current
    Drive current3.4Arms (4.8Apk) continuous 1kHz sine wave
    Short term peaks. 6.5A
    Front panel recess drive control
    Front panel LED indicates current peaks
    Loop connectorLever cable clamp


    Idle1/6 peak Output Current (Speech)1/3 peak Output Current (Pink noise)Full Power
    DriverChannelsCurrent (ARMS)Load Resistance (Ohms)AC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTU



    Freq. response80Hz to 6.5kHz
    Automatic Gain ControlThe AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB
    Front panel recessed input level control
    Tone controlFront panel recessed control


    VOX switchingTo control prioritisation of microphone 1 input. 4 different actions when microphone 1 level is at the onset of compression. Options to attenuate or turn off other inputs when microphone 1 is active, and to turn microphone 1 off when below threshold if required.
    CoolingCooling is by natural convection from the product casing.


    DimensionsWidth 124mm Depth 216mm Height 44mm
    Mounting optionsFreestanding
    Wall/panel mounting – mounting holes provided on rear panel
    EnvironmentIP20 protection; 20 to 90% relative humidity; 0 to 35ºC


  • The ILD100DC is CE marked to relevant safety and EMC standards.
    All Ampetronic amplifiers can be used to create a system that meets the requirement of EN 60118-4, performance to EN 62489 and the relevant recommendations of BS7594. However, the design and installation of the system is equally important to meet these Induction Loop standards.

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