Wonderland Restaurants

Location: London, UK

Monarch Theatre, Wonderland Restaurants: Park Row

Ampetronic were approached by Sysco in April 2021 with a request for help on a fast turnaround project to provide assistive listening in the Wonderland Restaurant Monarch Theatre, London within two months.

The exhilarating Monarch Theatre is a 20-seat venue that pays homage to DC-universe’s most iconic heroes and villains, merging the latest AV engineering with stunning storytelling. The harmonious fusion of audio, floor-to-ceiling screens and 360-degree projection mapping, all culminate to create the perfect stage for the eleven-course tasting menu. The entire menu is synchronised with themes, visual accents and audio narratives that punctuate the food being served.

There are multiple assistive listening technologies on the market, but hearing loops are the obvious choice for a project like this. Hearing loops are the only technology that allows audio to be broadcast directly into the user’s hearing aid, with no additional receivers or accessories and without the need for people to use their phones or download apps to access the audio.

Assessing the project requirements, it became apparent that a relatively simple perimeter loop system would be the best fit for the job, installed with flat copper tape beneath the floor finish. There were no other loop systems nearby so signal overspill was not a concern. The room was also relatively narrow and using a two-turn loop allowed us to maximise the loop field strength, compensating for the effects of metal in the reinforced concrete floor.

Ampetronic’s Loopworks Design tool was used early on to specify the most suitable equipment for the project, outputting a full report with field strength simulations and installation drawings so the customer could have complete confidence in the design.

To power the system a C5-1 loop driver was chosen, providing efficient Class D amplification with a simple and accurate digital interface. Built in test tones make it easy to commission the system and ensure compliance with the IEC 60118-4 performance standards.

This provision enables hearing aid users to get the same immersive experience as all other visitors to the restaurant, without having to seek assistance or identify themselves. This is true equality of access.

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