University of Sydney

Location: New South Wales, Australia

As part of a refurbishment project that saw the upgrade of many lecture theatres through-out several locations at the University of Sydney, the incorporation of fully compliant hearing loop technology was deemed essential to adhere to legislation that provides equal access for disabled students such as those with hearing impairment.

The original designs of the hearing loop systems was completed by our long term partner in Australia Hills SVL. Ampetronic acted as part of a support team that provided professional review of complex design work. Hills SVL also provided the installation of these hearing loops and this saw the subsequent implementation of many Ampetronic loop drivers and equipment.

Ampetronic hearing loops are installed throughout the university and Low Spill Phased Array designs have been utilised to stop the loops from interfering with one another and producing cross-talk.


Equipment used:

  • College Hall – ILD1000G Phased Array Kit
  • Informal Learning / Exhibition Room – ILD1000G Phased Array Kit
  • Room 316 – ILD500 Phased Array Kit
  • Room 311 – ILD1000G Phased Array Kit