The Science Museum

Location: London, United Kingdom

Founded in 1857 and acquiring an independent status in 1909 The Science Museum has become a major London tourist attraction with an estimated 2.7 million annual visitors per year. The launch pad is the museums “most popular gallery” and was part of a £4 million pound revamp to make science, particularly physics, as interesting and as accessible as possible to 8-14 year olds. Induction loops have been installed here to provide hard of hearing visitors with equal access to all of the same facilities and experiences.

With the equipment and designs provided by us, the induction loops were installed by Sysco in the launch pad gallery, show space and the briefing room. It was essential that installation was seamless and of unparalleled audio quality. Installation in the show space and the briefing room were relatively straight-forward as they are essentially open spaces so copper tape was simply laid underneath carpet tiles. The Launchpad gallery however proposed some interesting challenges, Chris Mothersdale from Sysco explains “There are not only a lot of exhibits in a ‘dog leg’ shaped room, but a lot of metalwork in them,” he continues “This meant we not only had to work round the exhibits, sometimes in very cramped spaces between the them, but there were also significant issues of metal loss to overcome. It was a challenge, but the system works very well.”


Our induction loop equipment has received much positive feedback and Chris concludes with “The equipment is very installation-friendly and their designs always work well.”


Equipment used

  • Launchpad gallery – ILD300 phased array system
  • Briefing room – ILD300 phased array system
  • Show space – ILD1000G phased array system