Inclusive Soundscapes: Ampetronic and Blue Elephant Transform the Young V&A

Location: London, UK

Hailing an innovative renovation of the former V&A Museum of Childhood, Young V&A opened its doors in 2023 to a new generation of visitors. As part of these works, Ampetronic (in partnership with Blue Elephant Ltd) provided consultation and supply of induction loop systems, ensuring that exhibits deliver high quality audio content to hearing aid users of all ages.


Images © of David Parry courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum

In a major transformation of the museum, accessibility was a key component to ensure that the exhibits can be enjoyed from every angle. Due to the unique nature of some of the exhibit enclosures, Ampetronic were tasked by the client with designing bespoke induction loop systems across the building, including the Stage area, Play Gallery, Open Studio, and the Arcade cabinets.

Due to the adjacency between some loop locations, careful consideration was given to the size and orientation of each cable. Simulations were made to ensure that each system would provide standard compliant signal to listeners of a much wider range of heights than usual.

For the stage area, this was powered by a C5-2N amplifier with flat copper tape weaving back and forth across the space to a unique design.

In the exhibits themselves, custom made copper loop coils were powered by HLS-2A loop drivers.

On completion of the design, integration was undertaken by the Blue Elephant team and each system commissioned to the IEC 60118-4 performance standard for induction loop systems.

Young V&A is a prime example of providing equitable experiences for assistive listening, ensuring that the venue can be enjoyed by hearing aid users for many years to come!



Images © of David Parry courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum