Gerald Ford International airport

Location: Michigan, United States

Over 6000 passengers are serviced by Gerald Ford International Airport each day in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The airport itself has a replacement value of an estimated $675,000,000 and is over 50 years old with great customer centric values at its core. It is this genuine passion to provide value to the passengers that has driven the desire to install Assistive Listening Devices such as Ampetronic hearing loops, they now also adhere to the IEC60118-4 2006 Standard Compliance.

Check-In desks – CLD1 Counter Loop Systems have been installed at each check-In counter desk so that those with hearing loss can access clear communication whilst checking in.

Check-In & Arrivals Waiting Area – For the larger check in and arrival areas the ILD1000G Phased Array area coverage systems were needed so that the desired area could still be covered to the same exceptionally high standard.

Departure gate Lounges – Again with departure gate lounges being much larger than other areas that needed covering ILD1000G Phased array area coverage systems were again needed to ensure that the area could be successfully covered.

Baggage Concourses – With the Baggage concourse being one of the largest areas an ILD1000G Phased array area coverage systems was essential to ensure that the area could be sufficiently covered.


Equipment used:


Image Source – flickr user Doc Searls