University of Lancaster

Location: United Kingdom

The University of Lancaster sought to install induction loop technology to provide equality of access for hard of hearing people and adhere to the Equality Act of 2010. Ampetronic induction loop equipment has provided over several years a foundation for this equal access to education.

With many different rooms incorporating many different sizes, shapes and structural design (including some with metal infrastructures) custom designs were needed for every room. The result is an inspirational set of systems that provide a reliable and comprehensive coverage of each room.

Having worked very closely with the University for numerous years Ampetronic has seen the successful installation of our equipment by installers PRO AV into many rooms including the following:

  • Computer Centre HR Dept
  • George Fox LT’S
  • Ash House male and female prayer rooms
  • Furness Upgrade


Equipment used:

  • George Fox theatre – ILD500 Phased array kit
  • Ash House prayer rooms – 2 x ILD500 Phased array kit
  • Furness upgrade – room one ILD500 Phased array kit
  • Room two ILD500 Phased array kit
  • s0Computer Centre HR Dept – ILD500 Phased array kit