The Vindolanda Trust – Vindolanda and Roman Army Museum

Location: Northumberland, United Kingdom

The Vindolanda Trust has two museums under its jurisdiction The Roman Army Museum and The Roman Vindolanda Fort. Both of these museums are excellent Scottish tourist attractions and make use of astonishing discoveries from the famous Hadrian’s Wall. To demonstrate daily Roman life on the furthest regions of its empire both museums have an excellent emphasis on an enticing Audio-Visual experience.

Because both museums have strong emphasis on audio it was vital that all visitors to the exhibits have equal access to the same experience and information via induction loop technology. Installation was not just to comply with the Equality Act 2010 by providing equal access, but to also ensure that hard of hearing visitors have a quality and inspirational time.

AV systems integrator and installer Electrosonic, proudly completed the design and installation of Ampetronic induction loop systems throughout many different exhibition displays and information access points in both museums. Subsequently there has been much positive feedback of work completed by Electrosonic using Ampetronic equipment with Fiona Watson, Vindolanda’s Finance and Information Officer, stating that “We are very impressed with the quality and standard of the work throughout. Electrosonic worked effectively and efficiently as part of the Studio MB team and we are happy with the service they provided and the work they completed.”

Equipment used:


Image credit – Electrosonic