The British Museum

Location: London, United Kingdom


The British museum opened its doors to the public in 1759 and has expanded over the past two centuries to become a centre of historic brilliance, housing many well-known artifacts from around the globe including such items as the Rosetta Stone.

The 3D IMAG Virtual Mummy experience at the British museum truly captivates the audience as it takes them back to ancient Egypt through the eyes of the Mummy. To enhance the experience for the hearing impaired a high fidelity assistive listening system was required for this transient environment capable of handling separate programmes without cross-talk. Ampetronic’s Ultra-low spill™ technology was the obvious solution. This proprietary technology limits the magnetic radiation to within one metre of the loop perimeter, equivalent to an acoustic barrier. Ampetronic’s professional loop drives and custom loop design provided excellent performance for this challenging application.


Equipment used: