Macquarie Bank, Ropemaker Place

Location: London, United Kingdom

The world renowned Macquarie Group is a leading provider of “banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services”. Their global operations have offices all over the world and in every major financial centre, it is in their London office along Ropemaker Place in the heart of London where three Ampetronic hearing loop systems have been installed.

The Macquarie Group realised that in order to provide the same equal auditory access to employees with hearing loss within meetings and conferences a non-discriminating and transient form of Assistive Listening Devices needed to be installed. These came in the form of Ampetronic hearing loops.

Board Room

A peculiarly shaped space, this board room was slightly triangular in nature and sub-sequentially so too was the area that required coverage. So that the layout of the furniture and the function of the room could be changed if required, it was essential that the entire room be covered by the hearing loop. The resulting hearing loop design has reflected this necessity and uses a pair of ILD500 amplifiers and an SP5 phase shifter to power the system.

Conference Room

A phased array hearing loop design was required within this simple room as the metal reinforcement used within the buildings infrastructure would have degraded the signal produced by a traditional perimeter loop. Again Two ILD500 amplifiers are used to produce enough power to drive the hearing loop.

A Second Conference Room

Although slightly longer than the first conference room the area itself is not as wide. Therefore a pair of ILD500 amplifiers were still more than powerful enough to drive the hearing loop. The design of the loop was a relatively simple one that reflected the long and thin layout of the room.

Total Equipment Used:

  • 6 x ILD500 Amplifiers
  • 3 x SP5

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