Gungahlin College

Location: Canberra, New South Wales, Australia

The Gungahlin College is a purpose built college that offers a dynamic educational experience designed to “inspire individual achievement and confidence for life”, they describe themselves as “the finest example of senior secondary education in Australia”. They have a genuine passion for the wellbeing of their students and this has helped in their decision to pursue equality of access for those with hearing loss. They identified that Assistive Listening Devices where an essential component for achieving equal auditory access for students with hearing loss, they decided that Ampetronic hearing loop technology was the most reliable and transient solution.

Room H0-42 – A large irregularly shaped room which uses a phased array system utilising two ILD500 amplifiers and an SP5 Phased Shifter to ensure that the majority of the room is covered, regardless of the abnormal shape.

Room H0.45 – Despite being another unusually shaped room, the required coverage space was only rectangular, so the resulting design was a relatively simple phased array using another pair of ILD500 hearing loop amplifiers and an SP5 unit.

Lecture Theatre – Although the lecture theatre itself is a relatively small space, the loop had to be intricately designed in order to provide equal coverage of raised seating. This helped to ensure that students with hearing loss can comfortably access the hearing loop anywhere within the room.

Theatre – This significantly larger theatre is a multifunctional space with movable seating. The hearing loop therefore had to cover the entire room so that, regardless of set-up, hard of hearinf students could still access the loop system.

Conference Rooms 1 & 2 – The required coverage area in these two rooms is identical, the rooms however are extremely close together. Our design could therefore be the same for both rooms aslong as it carefully considered loop overspil. Subsequently two low spill systems were installed to help mitigate interference between the two rooms.

T1 & T2 Training Rooms – Although training room 2 is slightly wider than training room 1 the are required for coverage was the same. It was for this reason that the same design has been utilised within both rooms. Both spaces use ILD500 amplifiers producing Standard compliant performance systems in a low spill format.

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 – Both meeting rooms are identical in shape, size and structure; therefore the same Phased Array design was used to provide identical coverage within each space.

Total equipment used:

  • 12 x ILD500 amplifiers
  • 6 x SP5 Phased Shifters


Image for illustrative purpose only copyright owned by – Cefpi