Dereham Memorial Hall

Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom

The grade II listed building that is Dereham Memorial Hall has a rich and diverse history dating all the way back to 1818, it showed silent films during the First World War and in 1949 it was renamed the Memorial Hall in honour of those who lost their life in service. The hall has since become a diverse multi-purpose space for the community and is used for such things as theatrical events, hiring and music events. Because the hall incorporates such a wide proportion of the local community it was essential that equal access for those with hearing loss was achieved through Assistive Listening Devices in the form of Ampetronic hearing loop technology.

In the main hall there is a complex set of hearing loops the first loop is laid on the hall floor itself and incorporates events such as the monthly charity bingo gala whereas the second hearing loop is installed in the overhanging balcony area so that when musical concerts or theatrical events are on those with hearing loss in the balcony can also access the same audio experience. The hearing loops can be used separately or in conjunction with one another depending on the use of the hall, making the installed hearing loops very adaptable.

The installer Norwich Electrical Co Ltd have implemented the bespoke designs with great attention to detail, they have since received much praise from the community that they were designed to serve and will be continuing to provide benefit to the end user for the foreseeable future.

Equipment used:

Main Hall

  • 2 x ILD500 amplifiers
  • 1 x SP5
  • 1 x Custom Phased Array Design


  • 2 x ILD500 amplifiers
  • 1 x SP5
  • 1 x Custom Phased Array design