Cedar Centre – Anglican Community Church

Location: Birkdale, Australia

The Cedar Centre at Birkdale Beach Haven Anglican Community Church provides many services for the congregation in Birkdale, Australia. As in all houses of worship it is essential for all of the members of the congregation to be able to hear and fully understand the preacher, it is for this reason that Ampetronic hearing loops were chosen for installation. The loop was also seen as an attractive selling point for when the space was opened up for rental as an alternative source of income for the church.

The auditorium was chosen as the best location for the hearing loop system as it is the most regularly used. It is frequently used by both the loyal churchgoers and attendees of other events when the space is rented out. The area required for coverage was relatively large and needed powerful ILD1000G amplifiers to generate the Standard compliant magnetic field required to produce intelligible audio through the system.

So that there was no interference with instruments a Low spill Phased Array system was utilised to prevent the loop signal from reaching the performance area.

The hearing loop was implemented perfectly and subsequently the system successfully adherers to the internationally recognised standards IEC60118-4 2006.

Equipment used:

  • 2 x ILD1000G
  • 1 x Low Spill Phased Array Design


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