Genève Int. Airport

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Hearing loops fitted at Genève International Airport

As part of the extension of Geneva International Airport, the new East Wing building is fitted with hearing loop systems from Ampetronic.

Bold architecture, innovative design and cutting-edge technology are the key words that characterize this exceptional building, which reflects Geneva Airport’s desire to offer passengers the best possible welcome and, through innovation, create a positive energy building.

The new building also meets the requirements of SIA 500 which stipulate that the coverage area for hearing impaired loops according to SN EN 60118-4, must be a minimum of 20% of the total building area opened to the public.

The coverage areas are the customs offices, the toilets, the waiting areas between the gates and the boarding areas for each gate. These areas represent a total of 2,000m2 of coverage using a total of 37 amplifiers. The entire system is directly interfaced with the public address system to broadcast information messages to travelers as well as any emergency or evacuation messages broadcast throughout the building.

The challenge was to find BIM amplifiers with sufficient power and efficiency and to meet Geneva Airport’s requirements for a positive energy building. The location of the equipment was also taken into account to get the best performance from the amplifiers.

During the commissioning of the hearing loop systems it was of great benefit to the installation engineers that it was extremely easy and efficient to adjust the metal loss correction of the Ampetronic products. The structure building is entirely metallic, which does not favor the homogeneous diffusion of electromagnetic waves.

With a length of 500 meters and a width of 20 meters, the new building fully meets the expectations of passengers with hearing impairments. Preventive maintenance ensures that all equipment is functioning optimally.

Working with Ampetronic products we had the chance to work with great online tools that helped us to calculate, plan and explain the system needed. Our local supplier (ShowSupply) provided a lot technical support to help us to fulfill the project.


D10-2 networkable DSP hearing loop driver

CLD1AC small area and counter loop driver combined with Commend intercom GEC882


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