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CTU11/12 Current ratio transformer

If you don’t need more power output, but you need more current or voltage, a current ratio transformer – the CTU11 or CTU12 – can be used with an ILD1000G to optimise the amplifier output to your application. The CTU11 Current Ratio Transformer can often be used where the voltage or current demands of a loop would normally exceed the capabilities of the ILD1000G loop driver.

The unit is factory configured to maximise efficiency by matching the loop driver with the loop impedance; this avoids the need to specify two amplifiers as long as the loop driver has sufficient VA.

The CTU11 can also be used to reduce loop current where both a small and large area need to be driven with the same loop signal (such as in nave / chancel applications).

Always contact Ampetronic when considering the use of the CTU11/12 as there are a wide range of transformation options.

Product Code:

SCTU11NC        Current Ratio Unit CTU11NC
SCTU12NC        Current Ratio Unit CTU12NC


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