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HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Driver

Combined with the Loopworks Measure R1 Field Strength Meter, the HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Kit delivers a preset output level to give consistent test results. Ideal as a quick and simple site assessment tool.

The HLS-2D comes with a 12V power supply but can also be used with a suitable 12V battery.

It uses efficient class D current drive technology to reduce power consumption and heat output.

It is the only truly portable loop test driver that is capable of generating test signals to the IEC60118-4 Standard.

The 4mm banana output sockets (included) allow simple connection to test cables.

The unit has a 5 year warranty and free technical support.


Metal loss testing

Determining metal loss and background noise levels are important steps in designing hearing loop systems to avoid loss of an intelligible signal and to meet the IEC 60118-4 international standard.

To correctly assess an area for metal loss and background noise a temporary loop will need to be used in either a Perimeter loop or figure of eight MultiLoop configuration, depending on the estimated levels of metal in the building structure.

For this you will need a loop driver, a field strength meter, a loop cable, a signal source and a tape measure.

Carrying a full size loop driver around can be cumbersome and impractical to setup every time so Ampetronic developed the HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Driver.

The HLS-2D is a light, portable, loop driver with a preset output level to give consistent test results; and when used in conjunction with the Loopworks Measure R1 or Ampetronic FSM field strength meters, forms part of a quick and simple site assessment system.

Visit the following YouTube videos for Perimeter and MultiLoop test procedures:


HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Kit includes:

  • HLS-2D Driver
  • 12V power supply
  • 2x4mm connectors
  • soft case and full instructions

Product Code: HLS-2D

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Standards
  • Downloads
  • Test signals
    • Compact and lightweight .Ideal for loop testing in all environments.
    • Low power consumption
    • Quick and simple operation and set up with industry standard connectors
    • Test area coverage of up to 45m2
    • Low lifetime cost
    • Excellent reliability, 5 year warranty and free technical support.
    • 12V Power supply. Can be used with a suitable 12V battery (not included) for totally portable testing.
    • Transformer isolated inputs
    • Preset output level, reducing set up and testing time
    • Secure steel enclosure
    • Clear and strong signal output
    • Can be used to test existing loops and for powering a temporary loop for small shows, exhibitions, talks, etc.

    PowerStandard format: 12V DC
    Connector: 2.1mm DC Power socket, centre positive
    Nominal voltage: 12V DC
    Fuse: 1.5A PTC
    Power Consumption (12V DC supply):

    • 2.88W (240mA) continuous pink noise
    • 9.2W (765mA) continuous sine
    • <0.6W (<50mA) quiescent
    • 14.4W (1200mA) max short term peak


    • LED in case
    Input 1 & 2Connector:

    3.5mm stereo socket, both audio
    channels are combined into the input
    signal for the driver.


    Loop Output 20VRMS (28Vpk) at maximum output current per channel
    Loop Output Connector: 2 x 4mm banana sockets
    Preset Output: 2.5ARMS
    Rated temperature limited
    Output current (pink): 1.5ARMS
    Rated time for delivery: 1min
    Rated THD: <1%
    Output Impedance: >9Ω
    Current Indication: LED indicates >1ARMS


    Frequency Response100Hz to 5kHz ±1.5dB relative to 1kHz at low level.
    Automatic Gain ControlThe AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB

    Indication: LED in case


    DimensionsWidth 77mm
    Length 150mm
    Height 16mm
    EnvironmentIP40: <90% relative humidity, -30 to 75 ˚C
    Heat dissipation <3W maximum, normally less
  • Safety, EMC
    The HLS-2D is CE marked to indicate compliance with relevant product safety and EMC standards.

    Loop Performance
    The test kit is the simplest and quickest way to assess whether an induction loop will perform to the IEC60118-4 standard.

    Datasheet & Specifications
    All information specified on the datasheet has been complied in accordance with the IEC 62489-1: 2010+A1:2014 Standard and reflects actual performance in realistic applications.

  • Test signals can be downloaded here:

    Test Signals – ZIP file

    Pink Noise – Bandlimited
    Sine 1kHz

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