High power systems

There are many applications for which a single driver or array cannot provide sufficient power, and where high power hearing loop systems are needed, for example:

  • Large area systems, for example airport terminals or cathedrals
  • Where there is high metal loss, i.e. in most modern buildings

Ampetronic provide transformer based high power hearing loop systems to combine or modify the output of standard drivers to match your application. These systems are always tailored to your need. Ampetronic solutions for high power can be user for single loop systems, or to drive large phased array systems.

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Perimeter loop drivers
C5-1 – 5ARMS output, single channel, 20VRMS
C7-1 – 7ARMS output, single channel, 20VRMS
C10-1 – 10ARMS output, single channel, 33.9VRMS

MultiLoop drivers
C5-2 – 5ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C7-2 – 7ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C10-2 – 10ARMS output, two channels, 33.9VRMS
C14-2 – 14ARMS output, two channels, 48.1VRMS

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