Overcoming Metal Loss and Large Area Challenges: Installing a Hearing Loop System at Campus Sursee

Location: Sursee, Switzerland

The Campus Sursee is the largest educational center and seminar hotel in Switzerland. The audio-video integrator B+T Bild+Ton AG got the project for the installation of the audio-video system in the event hall. For the planning of the induction loop system, B+T Bild+Ton AG contracted the specialist planner Graf Akustik AG.

Considering the large floor area of 770m2 and the limitation of not being able to lay cables above the reinforcement of the heavy-duty concrete floor plate, the decision was made to install an FM assistive listening system. Despite facing challenges and after careful consideration of the handling and costs for an FM system, the customer ultimately opted to install a hearing loop system to cater to their assistive listening needs.

The floor area was divided into four sections and the cables were laid between the reinforcement of the concrete plate. Metal loss measurements were then performed and four Ampetronic C14-2D hearing loop drivers were installed.

Overcoming Metal Loss and Large Area: hearing loop cables between reinforcement of the heavy-duty concrete floor plate

Beat at Graf Akustik AG approached this project with an expert understanding of assistive listening systems and used the Loopworks design tool to simulate and specify the exact requirements to ensure IEC60118-4 standard compliance.  Using the C14-2 DANTE enabled amplifier opens opportunity to cover large and complex areas with flexibility and confidence, in even the most challenging situations!” Ed Beck, Technical Sales Engineer, Ampetronic

Overcoming Metal Loss and Large Area: Four C14-2 Hearing Loop Drivers

The metal loss measurements were performed with an Ampetronic C7-1N perimeter hearing loop driver. Only the C-series induction loop drivers from Ampetronic allow the output current to be set precisely for the metal loss measurements, the frequency response to be measured with the integrated Pink Noise, and the resistance and inductance of the cables to be read out from the web GUI and used for further calculations. This made it possible to precisely specify the induction loop amplifiers in advance.

Overcoming Metal Loss and Large Area: Finished Room
The hearing loop system work perfectly in the entire room.

“We already had the pleasure to work out some challenging solutions with Ampetronic products. This project is the most challenging so far and required the largest amplifier power. Users of the listening assistive systems will not notice anything, the listening systems work perfectly.” Beat Graf from Graf Akustik AG