“My Mum and Dad are able to communicate for the first time in nearly two years.” 

Location: Exeter, UK

Chris contacted Ampetronic to help find a solution to improve his father’s hearing around the home. His father has a form of hearing loss called diplacusis which causes sounds to be heard differently in each ear. In the initial enquiry Chris told us that the only place his father had been able to hear clearly was his local church, which used a hearing loop system powered by an Ampetronic ILD500. 

The Ampetronic support team discussed some options for a domestic installation, and in the end to ensure his father benefited from the exact same audio performance as in the church we were able to provide a matching ILD500 amplifier. The amplifier is fed via a wireless lapel microphone which allows easy communication around the house. 

Following successful installation and setup of the loop Chris provided us with some fantastic feedback that really goes to show the impact a good hearing loop system can have. 

“I made some adjustments to the cable position and bingo! The system really works well. My dad can now enjoy the same listening experience at home as he does at the Kingdom Hall.  My Mum and Dad are able to communicate despite his diplacusis for the first time in nearly two years. 

My Mum used the word “overjoyed” to express how she felt when on Sunday they were able to offer hospitality to a visiting speaker, they were all able to enjoy conversation including my father”