Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau

Location: Switzerland

Architectural sophistication between classic elegance and modern functionality characterizes the special ambience of Kulture & Kongresshaus Aarau. With its flexibility of use, its excellent infrastructure and the finest of acoustics Kulture & Kongresshaus Aarau provides an ideal platform for in demand events. With an average of 145 events held per year in the commercial sector such as seminars, conferences, congresses and corporate events and 185 Cultural and social events in the area the Kulture & Kongresshaus Aarau the building is a sought after establishment used throughout the entire year.

Hall 1 has an impressive capacity of 620 people and hall 2 has an admirable capacity of 200, an hearing loop system for both halls has been designed and installed and coverage of all seating in both halls was achieved with persistent attention to detail and exceptionally high quality Ampetronic equipment.