Katholieke University

Location: Leuven, Belgium

The Katholieke University, Leuven is a Belgium university founded in 1425, it has worldwide recognition for its scientific research particularly with its research in vitreomacular adhesion. When KU University decided to install hearing loops into their prestigious ‘Pieter de somer’ and ‘Gasthuisberg’ lecture theatres they wanted to create an environment where all students are provided with the same level of access to some of the world’s best education.


The solution for the Gasthuisberg lecture theatre required an unusually complex approach due to the floor construction seating arrangements and metal reinforcement in the buildings construction. Two low spill phased array loop systems were installed side by side, splitting the room in two with each loop array forming 60 smaller loops around seating areas. Such a solution, whilst unusual, was essential to meet IEC 60118-4 standards for system performance and demonstrates Ampetronic’s ability to produce usable systems in areas which would otherwise would not be possible.


Ampetronic was proud to work with PVS 4 You to provide the most suitable solution. The reaction to the installation of the induction loops was a positive one with Danny Bakker from PVS stating that “The University is to fit induction loops as a standard to all its auditoria,” says Danny. “It has a rolling programme of refurbishing around five of its 210 lecture theatres each year, so we are sure it will see many more Ampetronic systems in the future.”


Initial equipment used:


Pieter de Somer lecture theatre

  •  ILD1000G phased array kit


Gasthuisberg lecture theatre

  • Two ILD1000G phased array kits, operating in tandem with low spill loop layout to prevent interference between the two.

Picture Credits:

Top image – KU Leuven, Rob Stevens, Toegevoegd op 2012-10-19 14:00:07, laatste aanpassing op 2012-10-19 14:00:07

Bottom image – KU Leuven, Rob Stevens, Toegevoegd op 2012-11-13 15:33:56, laatste aanpassing op 2012-11-13 15:35:24