Evelina Children’s Hospital

Location: Lambeth, London, United Kingdom


Evelina Children’s Hospital is a Specialist NHS hospital that is based in Lambeth, London. It is a facility that prides itself with quality care for patients and active participation in modern medicine.

Communication is a crucial part of interaction between patients and doctors within hospitals and Ampetronic equipment is known world-wide for providing the highest quality of intelligible sound. It is for this reason that Scan Audio LTD, who have a long working relationship with Ampetronic, chose to use our induction loops equipment throughout Evelina Children’s Hospital.

Twelve ILD20 units and one ILD252 are installed in several locations throughout the hospital. These include the main reception where two ILD20-driven base station loops ensure the communication process is as clear as possible from the moment that visitors arrive. Ten further ILD20 loops are installed at nurse stations and in the wards throughout the hospital, ensuring visitors with a hearing impairment can discuss anything they need with the staff, while not being disturbed by the ambient noise caused by patients. They also have the additional benefit of helping any of the patients who may have a hearing impairment. A perimeter induction loop is also installed in the hospital’s main meeting room, powered by an ILD252 and including a condenser microphone for presentations.

Scan Audio’s Dee Couchman concludes “There were no technical hurdles although, as it was scheduled for fairly late in build stage, we had to negotiate a lot of medical equipment being put in during the client fit out,” he continues. “Being a children’s hospital, the funky colours the wards are painted in made it seem quite an unusual environment for us, though!”


Equipment used:

  • 12 x ILD20
  • 1 x ILD252