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Loopworks Measure iOS app

Loopworks Measure iOS App

Loopworks™ is a suite of online and App based tools and resources that enables customers to specify and design hearing loop systems.

Loopworks Measure combines an iOS phone or tablet App that utilises a self-calibrating receiver. Together they become the most accurate, dedicated field strength meter (FSM) currently available. The Measure App and R1 Receiver are supported by the Loopworks online database and reporting tools. The App can also be connected to any network enabled Ampetronic loop amplifier, to automatically control test signals and get direct access to key settings.

Designed for iOS 11 and up. The Loopworks Measure App will not function without the Loopworks Measure Receiver Hardware

The Loopworks system helps to measure the magnetic field produced by a hearing loop / induction loop system to either assess whether a system is functional or to measure it against the IEC 60118-4 Standard for hearing loop performance.

Once users have created and signed in to their Loopworks account, the App can synchronise data with the Loopworks online portal. This makes it possible for users to view, analyse and share their results online. The portal can also be uses to create test and certification reports. Support is available from our loop experts via telephone or Live Chat.

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  • Loopworks Measure iOS App Features (requires Receiver hardware):

    Direct access to key amplifier settings

    • Control the test signal of a C or D Series and T14-1 drivers from the app
    • Associate a C, D Series or T14-1 driver with a project/system
    • Provide a quick link to the C, D Series and T14-1 driver’s web interface for more advanced controls

    Meter mode; Field Strength, Background Noise & Frequency Response

    Output current control:

    • Normalise – automatically adjusts amplifier to achieve standard compliant field strength
    • Manual current control, by slider or precise number entry
    • Offset between channels or disable individual outputs on dual output drivers

    Frequency response:

    • Direct selection of metal loss correction (MLC) setting
    • Advanced control with custom dual slope MLC
    • Digital metering displays with resolution of +/- 0.5 dB
    • Contextual Help Menu
    • Automatically synchronises data with Loopworks online database when signed in and a wireless connection is/becomes available
    • Record audio samples function (when signed in to a Loopworks Account)
    • Walk-through Guides; Site Assessment, Quick Test, Commissioning, Commissioning a Service Point

    Loopworks Measure Online Tools Features

    • Analyse data captured using the Measure iOS App
    • View your own work, or that of a colleague working at the same company
    • Set up systems and test points prior to going to site (synchronise with the App prior to attending site in the event that no network connection is available).
    • Playback back audio and get support and analysis from Ampetronic
    • Generate technical reports (automatically from the App or by manual entry)
    • Generate commissioning reports and conformity to Standard certificates
  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with iOS 11 onward
    • iPod, iPhone & iPad versions available to download at the Apple App Store
    • Will not function without a Receiver


    Field Strength Meter:

    • Broad band measurement 50Hz to 8kHz
    • True RMS detection referenced to 400 mA/m
    • Scale -40 to +10dBL or -15 to = 60 dBL by pressing zoom
    • Suitable for use with sine wave, pink noise, combination and live signals. Can also reference speech

    Frequency Response Meter

    • Third octave bands at 100Hz, 1kHz and 5kHz
    • True RMS detection
    • Scale resolution to 1dB, measurements to 0.1dB
    • For use with pink and combination signals

    Background Noise Meter

    • A-Weighted filter
    • True RMS detection. 0dB referenced to 400mA/m
    • Scale -60 to -0dBL or -45 to -15dBL
    • Audio (headphone) output can be captured for analysis in signed-in, certify mode or listened to live via the headphone jack in signed-out, Meter mode
    • For use with system on or off, sine wave and combination signals

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